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Our Important Services

Saving Account

Saving Account

  • We offer 4% Interest on Savings Bank Deposit as per RBI Directive.
  • Customer has to maintain minimum balance or Rs.1000/- for Cheque Book facility.
  • We also offer Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account (BSBDA).
  • We offer nomination facility for all deposit accounts.
  • Customer can open single/joint account and that account can jointly,operate as per instruction like Any one, Jointly, Any two Jointly either or survivor etc.
  • Customer can open Savings A/c for his/her minor children.
  • We offer Computerised passbook to our Account holders.
  • One CTS cheque book free at the time of Account Opening.
  • We are member of Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Scheme in which customers deposits are insured up to Rs. 1 Lac.

Rules & Regulation for Savings Bank Account

  • Every Depositor must fulfill KYC norms as per RBI directive.
  • The Customer has to give all the valid proof under KYC norms at the time of account opening and from time to time, as per RBI Guidelines.
  • Guardian can open Minor Savings Account. Birth Proof of Children is required.
  • The Bank Management reserves the right to close an account after due notice, if account holder fails to maintain sufficient balance or clear inward cheques / ECS.
  • The customer must preserve his / her cheque book & passbook in his / her custody. The Bank is not responsible for any misuse of cheque book & pass book.
  • Interest on Savings deposit is calculated on daily balances as per RBI's directives.
  • Cheque book charges will be Chargeble.
  • The customer without cheque book facility will be given withdrawal form at the time of payment. The withdrawal form will be given to the account holder only and only at the time of payment.
  • The Passbook should be accompanied with the withdrawal form.
  • Stop payment of particular cheque/s facility is available but the customer has to keep sufficient balance to match the cheque amount then only the cheque will be returned with the reason of stop payment and stop payment charges will be levied from the account.
  • The Bank reserves the right to alter, amend and rescind the rules from time to time..

Requirements to open Savings Bank Account

  • Valid Photo I.D. & Address Proof
  • (A) Any one of proof (Photo I.D.)
    1.Passport, 2.Driving License, 3. Voter ID Card, 4. Government Approved College/university I.Card, 5. Government/Semi government/Department I.Card
  • (B) Address Proof(Any One)
    1. Electricity Bill (not more than 2 months old) 2. BSNL Landline Telephone Bill (not more than 2 months old), 3. Municipal Tax Bill 4. GSPC Gas Bill 5. Latest LIC Premium receipt
  • Other proof acceptable by Bank.
  • Passport Size Photograph - 2 Copies
  • Pan Card
  • Birth Certificate for minor account