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Our Important Services

Rupay Card

GCB ATM Cum Debit Card

We are proud to announce that bank has introduced  ATM Cum DEBIT Card Service.

Customer may avail the ATM Withdrawal facility with over 2,36,199 NFS ATMs (As of 01-04-2017 and increasing) across the country with our bank’s ATM card.

ATM Cum Debit Card for Below Mentioned Facilities:

  • ATM Facilities
    • Cash Withdrawal
    • Balance Inquiry
    • Mini Statement
    • PIN Changes
  • Cash Less Payments
    • POS Machines
    • E-Commerce websites

Tariff sheet showing charges related to RuPay ATM Card


Fees / charges




Annual fees (P.A.)

Rs. 100 / Card + GST

Fee applicable to all card holders for yearly card maintenance fees


Additional card (P.A.)

Facility not required.

Joint Card Functionality is not provided


Card Replacement Fees

Rs. 200 / card + GST

If a customer lost his/ her card and request for another card.


Rupay debit card tariff charges:


Transaction free of charges as per RBI

First 5 transaction (including Financial + Non-Financial)

As per NPCI guidelines for a month at least five (5) free transactions needs to be given to the account holder.


  1. Financial (Cash Withdrawal)

Rs.17 / Transaction+ GST

Fee applicable from any 6th financial transaction onwards performed on other banks’ ATM


  1. Non- Financial (Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement, Pin Change)

Rs. 9/ transaction + GST

Fee applicable from any 6th non-financial transaction onwards performed on other banks’ ATM


Daily withdrawal Limit

Rs. 30,000/- per Card

Daily cash withdrawal limit.


Daily Purchase Limit*

Rs. 1,00,000/- per Card

*When enabled


Cash at POS

Facility not required.

For this bank has to take permission from RBI. If bank does not want to enable this facility please mention accordingly.


PIN Replacement charges

Rs. 30 / Pin + GST

Fee applicable, If a customer lost / forgets his/ her card and request for another PIN